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Register for Online Supervised Studies:

Why Supervised Studies? For an efficient weekly homework rhythm at a set time and peace-of-mind for parents and for students.

  • Provides structured homework time for each participating students.
  • Students can choose between Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • Students are in a Google Meet working and seeing other students do their homework.
  • Teachers are present and students can ask questions for help and assistance.

Register for your Sports Immersion Club (French Griffons):

Offered this semester: Soccer | Dance | Little Explorers (for siblings under 5)

Register for your Arts Immersion Club:

Offered this semester: Art | Theater

Why Immersion Clubs? To strengthen the overall experience and optimize the weekly time spent in a French-speaking environment outside the home.

  • Students extend their Saturday immersion by doing what they like in French.
    • Students in the PM Classes go to AM Clubs (start at 11am).
    • Students in the AM Classes go to PM Clubs (end at 3pm).
  • Advantage for parents:
    • Students are supervised during lunch break.
    • Motivates students.
    • Only one drive for the whole family.
  • Advantage for students:
    • More French active speaking time with teachers who are native speakers.
    • Widen vocabulary and gain more self-confidence and ease to use French.
    • Something to look forward to every Saturday and more ease to do homework.

  • Demandes en ligne | Online Requests

    Family Update Form
    (seulement en ligne, une soumission par famille par année scolaire | online only, one per family per school year)
    Ce formulaire vous permet d'inscrire une deuxième personne à la reception des emails hebdomadaires. | This form allows you to register a second person to the weekly emails.

    AM/PM Request
    (vous permet de demander de demander d’échanger matin / après-midi pour une séance | allows you to request a switch between morning / afternoon for one session)

    Certificate Request
    (seulement via ce formulaire : si besoin, demandez le justificatif qu'il vous faut | only via this form: request precisely the certificate that you need)

    Contact Your Teacher
    (en cas de besoin, veuillez contacter le professeur de votre enfant via ce lien | in case it is needed, please contact your child's teacher via this link)

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