Family Information Update and Preferences

Last Names of Family Members - At Least One Extra or Maiden Name - Very Important
Please enter all other last names used by members of your family, including the mother's maiden name if applicable. This helps us create your Unique Family Identifier (UFI) to differentiate between families that have the same main family name and facilitates the correct attribution of payments and documents to your family. The UFI is usually the last name used by the student followed by the (maiden) last name of the other parent. There is one single UFI per family.
Please enter the first name of at least one enrolled member of your family, so that our backoffice is sure to connect the right family members.
Please respond "Yes" if any of the following has changed since your last registration or family update.
This field allows you to specify more details regarding the submitted updates.
Second Parent or Other Family Member
Please enter a second parent's or other family member's contact information. This is the parent whose information was not submitted on the registration form.
Email address of a second person who would like to receive important information, weekly updates and alerts. Parents whose contact information was submitted on the registration form receive the weekly updates automatically.
Second Family Contact
Please enter any comments, questions or suggestions in the box above.

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